What is Edujeel?

An integrated educational and entertainment digital platform that stimulates student learning using advanced gamification systems, by linking education to a complete electronic game (Snowly), so that the student invests his academic grades in developing his level in the game and challenging his classmates.

Integrate Learning with Play

The first educational platform that stimulates student achievement through an advanced game.

Coherent System

The platform most suited to the teacher's needs, and the easiest to use.

Ease to Use

It allows the teacher to create a variety of assignments and activities, taking into account the individual differences between students, and it also achieves the best classroom management for the teacher in his class.

How can I join as a Teacher?


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How do I join as a student?


Ask for Class Code
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Download Snowly APP
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Features of Snowly App

  • Homeworks and Assignments
  • Classmates challenging and Competition
  • Information and IQ Games
  • New levels and Challenges
  • Entertainment Games

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Snowly for Students

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